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The God Speaks Bible traces every time God has spoken, every individual whom God has spoken to in the Bible and every conceivable way that God has spoken, using color coded identification. It also contains valuable resources to help you learn to hear God and to grow in your intimacy with Him. This Bible will revolutionize Bible Reading for a new generation.

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"When I held the God Speaks Bible in my hand for the first time – I could see instantly how it could change Bible reading forever!"

- Dave Condiff (Former Publisher of Christian Retailing)

"“Now you can have a Bible that will help you become supernaturally normal. I other words, stop being a spectator and fulfill your destiny!"

- Sid Roth Host, It’s Supernatural!”

"On my computer in front of me I have a copy of the “God Speaks Interactive Bible” I was stunned by what I am seeing. God is speaking on over 90% of the pages! I had..."

- Murray Dueck Director of Samuel’s Mantle

"“Finally, a Bible that visually shows you how central the supernatural is to one’s personal Christian experience.”"

- Dr. Mark Virkler – Author of “4 Keys To Hearing God’s Voice”


Is used when God is speaking directly in the first person.


Is used for Angels speaking on God’s behalf or in a vision or a dream.


Is used when a passage is talking about God Speaking.


Is used when Man is speaking on God’s behalf in the third person.


Is used when the words are of the savior Jesus Christ.


Is used for every Miracle, and all the acts of God in Scripture.

Dr. Richard Mull, founder and president of Operation Light Force

About General Editor Dr. Richard Mull

Dr. Richard Mull, founder and president of Operation Light Force, has ministered across the United States and in 26 nations worldwide. He holds an M.Div. and two Doctorates and has over 25 years of ministry experience. He has written over15 books and manuals. He is happily married with 4 amazing children.

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