2 Samuel 23:2 “The LORD’s Spirit spoke through me; his word was on my tongue.”

I will never forget being put on the spot by Lou Engle at a church that Derek Prince had started years before in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I was beginning to learn how to listen to God’s voice but I had come from a Baptist background and had never been around prophecy and ministry lines or anything “Charismatic.”

I was part of The Call DC events and Lou had invited me to travel with him on a couple of speaking engagements.  It was Father’s Day 1999 and Lou was speaking in the evening service. At the end of the service Lou said that if anyone wanted a “Word from God,” that Richard Mull would be at the front.

I had no idea that He was going to do that. I had suggested that we have some type of knighting ceremony where we commission people in service of the King and this is what Lou had interpreted me as saying.

I had never even been to services where they had prophetic lines for people to get a word from the Lord and now I was at a church founded by Derek Prince, led by several prophets and following Lou Engle. Fear and panic just about took me home to be with Jesus that night.

I feel sorry for the first 2 people. I totally operated in my own flesh, tried to give them something encouraging and fake it till someone dragged me away or whatever they did with fakers.

Then I stopped! NO! I wasn’t going to fake it. I closed my eyes and promised God, “Not another word, unless you speak to me.”

You could hear a pin drop. The next 30 seconds could have been a year. Would God speak to me? Would He zap me?

Let me summrize what happened next with this. After two hours I was speaking to the pastor’s son. I didn’t know it was the pastor’s son but the pastor and his wife were in tears. I had spoken things to their son that I could not have known. Only God could reveal them. This young man had been in the church, seen fakes and would not receive from anyone. He had come forward this night and God encountered him. God had used me, spoken to me and through me.

I was in awe. Yes, Lord. I want more. Speak through me. Speak to me.

Isn’t it better when His Spirit speaks through us? Learn how to hear God’s voice and let His Spirit speak to you and through you!


Richard Mull.