Then the devil left him, and angels came and began ministering to his needs. – Matthew 4:11

Jesus heard devils and angels. Do you?

What a refreshing difference! After the temptation came the angels. Satan comes to tempt us. He still speaks. I deal with people all the time who hear the voices of demons. I deal with spiritual warfare all the time, but I thought I had only heard demons speak through people who had demons. I didn’t know that demons spoke to me.

One day a thought came to my mind that was inappropriate and I began to repent and renounce the thought. God spoke clearly to me, “That was not your thought.” I know the voice of God’s Spirit well and I was tempted to question the Lord. How can a thought that I think not be my thought? Then the Lord told me that the thought came from the enemy but I had taken it captive.

Then I realized. I’ve heard demons my whole life and thought I was hearing my own thoughts. Spirits speak to spirit, and we interpret what a spirit speaks to us in our mind. In the same way God speaks to our spirit.

I prefer to hear angels and the voice of My Father. How about you?