Baker and Barista Indicted and Imprisoned

A waiter called Sam and a baker named Tony worked in a coffee shop. Every morning they served a prominent businessman of the city. His order was exactly the same each morning; a coffee and a doughnut.

In the early hours, when the city was still asleep, Tony would be hard at work in the bakery, preparing the doughnuts for which he was famous. Each day, he would make a special doughnut for the businessman, to be served with his coffee. Each morning Sam watched the door, waiting for the businessman to enter so that he could serve him.

One afternoon, a few minutes before closing time, the police entered the coffee shop and arrested Sam and Tony on charges of attempted murder. The businessman was in the hospital with food poisoning.

The businessman was very powerful and had great influence in the city. He was angry, and was convinced that Sam, Tony, or both of them had poisoned him. He used his influence to have them imprisoned even before the investigation was completed.
Knowing his reputation, Sam and Tony realized that the chances of them getting out of jail were almost nonexistent. All that they could hope for was that their lives would be spared.

A similar incident happened thousands of years ago, in Egypt. Both the baker and the cupbearer of Pharaoh, King of Egypt were imprisoned. God spoke to each of them in dreams. Their dreams were so vivid that they were certain they meant something, but they didn’t know the meanings.

A fellow prisoner, Joseph saw how perplexed they were, and asked them what was bothering them.
They told him, “We both had dreams, but there is no one to interpret them.” Joseph responded, “Don’t interpretations belong to God? Tell them to me.” (Genesis 40:8 NET)

The cupbearer told Joseph his dream. The interpretation given by Joseph was positive; the cupbearer would be reinstated within three days. This encouraged the baker to tell his dream. His interpretation, however, was not good news. Joseph told him that he would be executed within three days.

Despite the fact that Joseph asked the cupbearer to put in a good word for him with Pharaoh, the cupbearer completely forgot about Joseph for 2 more years. When God spoke to Pharaoh in two dreams, and none of pharaoh’s priests and wise men could interpret the dreams, the cupbearer remembered Joseph.

Joseph was summoned by Pharaoh. Pharaoh told Joseph he had heard that Joseph was an interpreter of dreams.

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