better-than-a-great-meal.Job 23:12b “I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.”

Job was in the midst of the worst distress of anyone I have ever heard of.  Loss of his wealth, death of his children, severe pain and decline of his personal health, bitterness from his wife and accusing friends were all his lot in life as he spoke these words.  Hearing God’s voice was more important to him than eating food necessary to stay alive. Wow!

Job’s friends are accusing him that his circumstances are the result of his disobedience to God. Job is telling them that to the best of his ability he has sought to obey everything that God has asked of him. Their accusations seem to get more and more intense all the time. Job seems to be saying that there is nothing I want more than to do what God says for me to do.

What are you facing today? Does it seem like God is quiet? Many times our sin and disobedience to God can be the root of our troubles. At other times, as in Job’s case, it can seem as if God is silent when we want answers for what we are going through.

How important is hearing God’s voice to you? Is it your greatest priority? Do you quiet yourself and sit in his presence for long seasons? How long has it been since you spent time in God’s Word? How long has it been since you took a day to be with Him? Listen to Him? How long has it been since you fasted?

No condemnation. These are just the questions I’m asking myself or maybe the Holy Spirit is asking both of us? How highly do you esteem My Words?