“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it!” – Luke 11:28

God is speaking all the time. Many people don’t know how to hear God. The first step is learning how to hear God speaking to you.

The next step is more important, and this is where things begin to get more challenging. Listening is one thing but obeying what God speaks to us…. That is the key to our blessings.

It is often challenging when God speaks to you, to then obey what He says. First of all we have the Bible. There are so many things we are commanded to do and to be in scripture that are challenging. I believe that when God speaks directly to us it can be crazy challenging.

Think about Noah. God said to build a huge boat and there wasn’t even any water. People thought he was crazy. You can go through all the Biblical characters, and when God spoke to them it was challenging to obey.

But obey they did. How about you?