That by revelation the divine secret was made known to me, as I wrote before briefly. – Ephesians 3:3

DIVINE SECRETS were given to Paul by revelation. Now this sounds very NEW AGE. Paul is getting these so called Divine Secrets by revelation. These Divine Secrets upset the entire paradigm of their day. Some folks think that these divine secrets don’t even seem to be in line with what Jesus came teaching and doing.

What were the DIVINE SECRETS? Well, most who read this are beneficiaries of these Divine Secrets, which were given by revelation. The DIVINE SECRET is that the gospel was to go to the Gentiles and that they were being grafted into the vine, that they—we—were / are fellow heirs and partakers in the covenant. WOW! I really like this Divine Secret!

The DIVINE SECRET rocked the world of Paul’s day. It cost him most of his friends and family. It became the call of God on his life, and we are the DIVINE BENEFICIARIES. What if God wanted to let someone in on a DIVINE SECRET about their calling and His plan for their life? Are you open to DIVINE REVELATIONS and DIVINE SECRETS?

Lord, give us revelations. Show us Your DIVINE SECRETS.