Color Legend

Now for the first time you can see every time God spoke, every time Jesus spoke, every time an angel spoke on God’s behalf and every passage that talks about God speaking.


Purple is the color of Majesty and Kings. In the God Speaks Bible it was chosen to represent the words of the King of Kings. We reserved it for words that come from God in the first person. Many times angels bring messages from God and they give them as God speaking in the first person. Prophets gave words from God in the first person. It was as if God used their bodies to speak His message to us, in person. Anytime we find God’s message presented in the first person, it is colorized purple.


Blue is used when God sends His message to us through a dream, a vision or an angel. God spoke many times, all throughout the Bible through dreams, visions and angels. The message was delivered through one of these means. Sometimes God speaks in the middle of a dream or vision in First person. When that happens the words that God speaks are in purple. The same is true of the Angels. We chose to colorize not just the words but the entire encounter with the angel, but when the angels are speaking the very words of God, those words are in Purple. Angels are usually speaking a message from God in the first person so it would be hard to tell when an angel is speaking for God if the entire encounter with the angel were not colorized.


Many times, throughout scripture, God gives someone a message to present to others, and when they speak God’s words to others they present it in the third person. We didn’t want to leave out these messages from God, but we felt we had to distinguish them from the word for word messages that came from God. Thus the brown represents the human element of messages that came from God.


Green is used every time that a passage is talking about God speaking or God’s voice. It was debated whether we should colorize every “Thus saith the Lord” type of expression in green because it is so prevalent. That is precisely why we left every expression colorized. It puts an exclamation mark on this Bible that God wants to be heard.  He SPEAKS. Listen up!


The words of Jesus have been colorized red in many Bibles for over a century. The red represents Jesus and the blood He shed for us on the cross. Red is used for every word that Jesus speaks, including words that He spoke after His ascension.


Gold is used for everything God does. It has often been said, “Actions speak louder than words.” In God’s case that is very true. Every act of God reveals to us something about God. It is stated many times throughout the Bible that God did miracles to reveal Himself to the world. God wants us to know that He is alive and able. We even colorize every passage where the acts of God are being repeated for a future generation. For example, the miracles that happened under Moses are repeated throughout the Bible. We colorize them every time. They reveal God in action.