God speaks through miracles and by His actions.

Scripture speaks of this fact many times. Miracles, signs and wonders, reveal His mercy and character (Ps 136:4-25). God did miracles in Egypt to deliver His people both to reveal to the Nations but also to show Israel that He truly is God (Exodus 10:2). The Glory of God was a constant reminder of God’s presence but it also provided direction for Israel as a nation. The miracle of tongues confirmed to the apostles that the Gentiles had indeed received the Holy Spirit (Acts 11:15-18). Miracles were a confirmation that the preaching was of God and was anointed (Mark 16:20 & Hebrews 2:2-4).

Nowhere in scriptures are we told that miracles would cease.

God’s purposes do not change so His purpose for miracles would logically remain the same. God is still doing miracles. They still reveal His character, show people His greatness and glory, confirm that the preaching accompanied with signs and miracles is anointed by God, and confirm the presence of the Holy Spirit and God in a person’s life. So, why are there many churches and sincere believers who do not see miracles today? 2 Timothy 3:1-5 tells us that in the last days there will be many who have a form of godliness but deny the power of God.

I was sincere and had what I believed to be a close relationship with God while growing up in churches that did not expect or experience God’s power. We believed the entire Bible. It was explained to us that God doesn’t do miracles anymore, and we accepted what we were taught. Why not? Why not trust your teachers? If there are no miracles happening in your midst, why not accept the explanation of those who teach you?

The truth is, God still does miracles today.

He still confirms His Word with miracles. He still proves His greatness by amazing deeds, signs and wonders. Nowhere in scripture are we told that God will stop doing miracles. There is one verse that’s used by those trying to give a biblical explanation for miracles ceasing; that is 1 Cor. 13:10 which says, “But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away.”

They interpret this to say that when we have the canonized Bible there is no more need for miracles; therefore God will stop doing miracles, stop speaking directly to His people, because we now have God’s perfect written Word and we don’t need anything else.

The God of all creation speaks to His people throughout all Biblical History, performs miracles, gives people dreams and visions, sends angels and much, much more, but now He has sent us the Bible and decided to vacate the premises. The sad thing is that I used to believe what my teachers told me and even taught the same. I don’t even like repeating something so ridiculous, but there it is.

God wants His Children to experience Him.

I call that experiential Christianity. I want my children to experience me, not just read about me, know that I was a good man, read my books, think about me and remember me. I want them to know me, see, be with me, and I want to do things with them and for them. The God I serve is talking to me, doing things today when I preach that I couldn’t do. People are healed, miracles take place, people hear His voice and God is personally involved in the here and now.

The first step to experiencing miracles in your life today is believing, having faith in a miraculous God. If you don’t believe that God does miracles today for and through His followers then you won’t expect them in your life. Jesus gave authority to his disciples and to 72 others in Matthew 10, Mark 3, 6, Luke 9 and 10. They did the same things that Jesus did. When in Luke 9 the disciples failed to heal an epileptic child Jesus was distressed at their lack of faith.

In our society today people are turning to the occult in droves, and many are finding supernatural experiences. It is tragic that many have been exposed to churches where the supernatural was thought to be “what God used to do” and not what He is still doing today. The truth, whether your beliefs accept it or not, is that God is alive and well and moving in our day. He still does miracles, still talks to us and wants to perform miracles through His people today more than ever.

Next, to begin to build our faith we must get to know the God of the miraculous. Meditating on passages related to healing will build your faith. Reading and meditating on all the miracles will cause you to believe God does miracles. We renew our minds by reading scripture and as we focus on the miracles of God it impacts our lives, fills us with hope and new expectations.

Many have said, “Seek the giver, not the gifts.” Or, “Seek God, not His power.” Where is that verse found in the Bible? – It isn’t there! The apostles in Acts 4:29-30 prayed for more boldness and signs and wonders. Do you want to pray a biblical prayer? There it is! God showed up after they prayed that prayer and shook the entire place where they were praying. God confirmed that He loved their prayer.

Thirdly, begin to ask God to use you in this way and then step out in faith and pray for people where it is safe. That is a great place to start, pray for people you know and love but ask God to help you also get out of your comfort zone.

More people are healed today in my ministry than when I first started praying for the sick. I’ve learned more and now have thousands of testimonies. It started with one. It was a while before I had two and years before I had dozens. Now I can see dozens in one weekend. But I had to start somewhere. Just start. Ask God to use you, and then step out in faith.

Read about the lives and works of others who see God working and doing miracles today. Their experiences will inspire you. Their insights will help you grow. Test everything you read by God’s Word. There are those who say things and teach things that are nothing more than their own opinions and not solidly founded on God’s Word. Hold those teachings lightly.

From time to time, we will suggest some ministries that are experiencing the miraculous today. Please don’t assume that such mention is an endorsement of everything that these organizations do or teach.