“Then Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan River and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness,” – Luke 4:1

How can so many believers and churches ignore the invaluable work of the Holy Spirit?

Jesus himself was full of the Holy Spirit. At His Baptism, the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in the form of a dove. Then the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to fast and to be tempted. At the end of the 40 days we are told that Jesus came out of the desert in the POWER of the Holy Spirit. Then He began to do miracles.

JESUS HAD THE HOLY SPIRIT. So much of the New Testament is about the work of the Holy Spirit and walking by the Spirit, being led by the Spirit, the battle between the flesh and the Spirit.

Communing with God is spirit to Spirit communion. We must relate to the third person of the trinity. WE NEED His power. WE NEED His leading. WE NEED His filling.

HOLY SPIRIT, forgive us for ignoring you, quenching you, and for the times that we have failed to commune with you. WE WELCOME YOU!