So he went into all of Galilee preaching in their synagogues and casting out demons. – Mark 1:39

Casting out demons accompanied Jesus’ preaching! How about yours?

Preaching and casting out demons went hand in hand for Jesus. So what changed? Did we get away from what God intended? Jesus was always doing the Father’s will. Did God’s will change?

I’ve heard many explanations for this, like: “They were more primitive then and Jesus was using their language.” And “We don’t have a problem with demons today.” And “Christians can’t have demons, so just make sure people are saved and you won’t have to deal with demons.” Etc.

Many modern believers think and state: “So, today we have modern psychology and Christian psychology and tons of Pharmaceuticals to help people cope with the things Jesus used to heal.” And, “God doesn’t do those things anymore.”

Could it be that Jesus intended for His Bride, the Church to continue to do ministry the way that He did, accompanied by the same power and miracles? Could it be that our explanations are just our attempts to use nice answers to cover our own shameful nakedness and spiritual impotence?