“Whatever he tells you, do it.” – John 2: 5

This is where Nike got their slogan.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, knew something that we all need to understand.

The PROBLEM – a wedding party that has run out of wine. The SOLUTION – Fill up 6 large pots with water. Nothing will end a great party like running out of drinks. Jesus’ solution sounded lame until someone tested the water. The water had turned into the best tasting wine of the event.

Sometimes when we seek the Lord for an answer and He speaks to us, what He says does not make sense to us—but when we obey Him it always ends well. I know that many times I felt that what the Lord had spoken to me seemed crazy—until I obeyed. When I obeyed, following the Lord’s answer brought amazing results, and I looked to others like I was a genius.

When the Lord speaks to you. JUST DO IT!