For all who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God – Romans 8:14

Led by the Spirit. Being led by the Spirit seemed so esoteric and theoretical—until I learned to HEAR GOD. Hearing God is hearing the Spirit of God. Learning to listen to Him all the time is so practical and real. If you take time to ask God for specific direction, and listen to what He tells you, then He truly begins to lead you.

He wants to lead us in every decision. Remember Joshua when he made a covenant with the Gibeonites. It was because he didn’t listen to God. The Anointing left Saul because he stopped listening and God, and he ran ahead of God.

SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD are those who are led by the Spirit—They are those who listen to and obey the voice of God.

Whatever you do, learn to listen, hear and obey the voice of God.