I went there because of a revelation and presented to them the gospel that I preach among the Gentiles – Galatians 2:2

Paul was a mover. He was in motion all the time. If you read Acts, Paul is always saying, We were hindered by the Spirit from going somewhere, or the Spirit told us to go here or there, or we had a vision that told us to go to this place. This was even how he was born again. He had a heavenly vision.

Paul learned to walk by the Spirit, and in his writings, he continuously tells us to be led by the Spirit of God, walk by the Spirit, etc. What does it look like to live by the Spirit, to walk by the Spirit, to be led by the Spirit? I believe that is what Paul means by the simple expression, “I went there because of a revelation.”

Paul would know that he was where God wanted him because he waited on God for divine revelation. He learned to be led by the Spirit of God, to hear God’s voice, to set aside his own agenda and listen for God’s agenda.

Paul was a conduit for God to pour Himself through, because He was a man who was filled with, led by and empowered by the Holy Spirit. He knew his mission, his calling and most of all the voice of his Master.