Peter went up on the roof to pray. …while they were preparing the meal, a trance came over him. – Acts 10:9-10

OK, now we are getting a little too “New Age”. It is so strange how, if people talk about seeing visions and having dreams, some people get weirded out. Now we are talking trances. Peter had a trance come over him.

Next, Peter saw a vision and heard voices speaking to him. Imagine if this were to happen in the twenty-first century—at this point, if Peter were to tell his doctor what took place, they would call the authorities to cart Peter off to the psych ward for evaluation, and they would give him psychotropic medications to stop the visions and the voices.


Imagine him going up to a pastor at a local church and asking if he can share what happened when he was in a trance and had voices talking him, telling him to disobey the law!

I am laughing right now imagining the look and response he would have gotten in today’s church circles. OK, maybe it isn’t funny. Maybe it is truly sad.

Don’t be weirded out when God begins to break into your natural with His supernatural. Don’t fear it. Allow it. Hunger for it. Embrace it!