It is necessary to go on boasting. Though it is not profitable, I will go on to visions and revelations from the Lord. – 2 Cor. 12:1

Why would Paul say that it was NECESSARY to boast about his revelations and visions from the Lord? It seems that some people had come along and tried to set themselves up as apostles, and they were trying to undermine the work that Paul had been doing in Corinth. Paul wanted to remind them of His apostleship and the power of His ministry.

Sometimes in our lives it is NECESSARY to remind ourselves who we are, and sometimes it may be helpful to remind others. I have been accused at times of boasting because I told testimonies of people who were healed, or of encounters that I have had with God. I seldom feel conviction when people accuse me that way.

I know first of all that testimonies are a powerful tool for God. They build people’s faith. I also know that they can establish credibility.

I know of a guy who teaches a seminar about raising people from the dead. Great idea. When I asked if he had personally been part of raising anyone from the dead, the answer was NO! I thought, that takes a great amount of faith and courage to do what he is doing – but I also thought, “Where is the credibility, apart from his use of scripture?”

Paul was basically saying, “I want to remind you, I have had some amazing encounters with God.” He shared them, not to put himself above anyone, but rather to let them know that he had credibility as an apostle.

The OH YEAH, YOU WENT TO HEAVEN kind of credibility.