“I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns too, for that is what I was sent to do.” – Luke 4:43 – Jesus

Jesus knew His purpose. He knew His destiny. He was sent to proclaim “THE GOOD NEWS OF THE KINGDOM.” Do you even know what that is? I thought that I knew what the Good News of the Kingdom was. Then I began to study “The Kingdom of God,” in scripture. FASCINATING. It was a life altering study!

I encourage anyone who will, to take the challenge for yourself. Take every passage in the New Testament related to the word Kingdom, and read them in context. Look at the Greek word and find out the other ways it is translated. Another resource to use that will blow you away is to read those passages in the Young’s Literal translation.

Young’s Literal Translation translates Kingdom as “REIGN”, every time. It will open up the scriptures and the meaning of this often misunderstood main message of Jesus in amazing ways.

We often picture heaven as what Jesus was talking, about when in fact, Jesus was often speaking of the reign of God. There are some times when Jesus is definitely talking about heaven, but most of the time He is either speaking about the reign of God or it could be interpreted either way.

If this was the main message of Jesus, shouldn’t we take it seriously and make a committed effort to know and understand what He was saying?