Then the Spirit said to Philip, “Go over and join this chariot.” – Acts 8:29

Philip had a relationship with God. He could hear the voice of the Spirit. He listened to the voice of the Spirit of God, and he obeyed. If he hadn’t obeyed that voice, he would not have gone to the Ethiopian in the Chariot and shared Jesus with Him.

When the Spirit of God speaks to you, do you wrestle with, “Is this God, or is it me?” That seems to be something that many people struggle with. When we waiver and wonder whether God is really speaking to us, we tend to do nothing.

For years, when I was trying to learn to hear God, I would waiver and struggle with the question, “Is this God or only myself?” As I began to test what seemed to come by the Spirit of God to me in my daily life, I grew in confidence to the point that now I know with certainty the voice of God.

For me, the confidence grew most during times of ministry to others. I would be still for just a minute and ask God to speak to me. Then I would write down what I saw or the thoughts that went through my mind. As I did this, I watched God intervene in amazing ways. God was speaking to me. Now, I knew it.