these-signs-1These signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; – Mark 16:17

In my name! The name of Jesus. The name at which every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth. The name which every tongue will confess, that He is Lord. The name that causes demons to tremble. JESUS.

This same Jesus tells us that those who believe will be followed by certain signs. I grew up most of my life and never saw anyone do the signs spoken of in Mark 16. How can this be?

Some suggest that this part of the Bible was added and should not be included. That would be very convenient if we say we believe but these signs are not part of our lives. Problem solved, I don’t need to worry. I can be a believer without having these things happening in my life. Right.

Just suppose—What if these ARE the words of Jesus, and He was serious? These words were used by God to stop me in my tracks. They led me to pray a crazy prayer, “Lord, would you disciple me.” If what you taught your disciples and sent them out to do—If the things that were normal for your followers should be normal today—would you do this in me?

Is it ok to ask the question? Is it ok to grapple with this passage honestly? Am I out of line to pose the question?