these-signs-3These signs will accompany those who believe:… whatever poison they drink will not harm them; – Mark 16:18

Does this include McDonalds?

Seriously, I was praying for a woman who was on major psychotropic medications, and I watched God heal her right before our eyes. Gone were the delusions of people chasing her and the beings clutching at her.

Now what? The medications she was on that had not stopped any of delusions, but had only put her into enough of a stupor that she didn’t care or couldn’t do anything about it—and they were still in her system. The suicide rate for people on these medications who come off them is outrageous.

She was making Jesus Lord in every area of her life, even her medications. She wanted healing from the effects of her medications because she was taking drugs to help with the side effects of other drugs. God was healing her from the inside out.

God is more powerful than the drugs. He consistently heals the incurable. We’ve seen God deliver many people from the deadly effects of their medications. GOD IS ABLE. He is the GREAT PHYSICIAN!


I need to grow in my faith for protection from McDonald’s, though!