The Lord said to Paul by a vision in the night, “Do not be afraid, but speak and do not be silent, because I am with you, and no one will assault you to harm you, because I have many people in this city.” – Acts 18:9-10

By the time Paul got to Ephesus, he had been beaten, jailed, stoned and run out of various towns. Not the glamour and glitz that he had signed up for! Can you imagine the feelings he must have gone through?

One time Paul spoke of “despairing of life itself.” That sounds almost suicidal. He has physical pain and what is often worse, emotional pain. He has been rejected by the leaders of his former religious establishment. He has been falsely accused, beaten and jailed for preaching the greatest story ever told, and healing people.

Can you feel Paul’s pain?

Then God speaks to Paul in a vision. “DO NOT BE AFRAID.” “I AM WITH YOU.” “NO ONE WILL ASSAULT YOU TO HARM YOU.”

Ok, I will obey the heavenly vision and do again what I love to do, even though it is so misunderstood.

I have felt much of what Paul felt. Before I began to walk in God’s power and anointing, and to talk about hearing God and miracles, I was acceptable in many circles that now shun me. I can’t tell you how painful that is. But hearing God and seeing His miracles is worth it. But it still hurts. When God assures me of His love and presence, that is the greatest confidence builder of all.