But the evil spirit replied to them, “I know about Jesus and I am acquainted with Paul, but who are you?” – Acts 19:15

Seven sons of the High Priest named Sceva were trying to cast the demons out of a man who was tormented by evil spirits. The demons talked to these guys. “I know Jesus and I am acquainted with Paul, but WHO ARE YOU?” The demons were not afraid of these seven guys. In fact the demons in this man enabled him to overpower all seven of these sons of the priest, strip them of their clothes, and run them out of the house naked. Not a pretty sight!

This was the main passage that I thought of when I would think of demons. I didn’t want to run out of a house naked, so for many years of my Christian life, I would avoid any encounters with the demonic. Even with Bible College and Seminary degrees, this was what I thought.

Religion doesn’t scare the enemy. Knowing who we are in Christ? THAT scares the enemy! A believer who understands their authority scares the enemy. Church attendance, teaching Sunday School, reading a Bible—those things don’t necessarily cause the enemy to tremble. Knowing the stories of the Bible doesn’t make the enemy tremble.

What makes the enemy take notice of a person is when they learn to hear the voice of God, walk by the Spirit, come to understand the real significance of Christ living within them, and know their authority and the power of God.