But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things,” Luke 10:41

Don’t Worry! Be with Him.

Worry and being troubled about many things seems to be more common than the common cold. It leads to a myriad of illnesses and mental and emotional issues. It does nothing to help a person become more productive in life.

Worry not only affects the worrier, it affects those around them. Those who worry want to get everyone around them as worked up and busy as they are. Sometimes the message is more covert, like a sigh or a huff. Whether directly spoken or covertly signaled, the message is clear, “you should be as worried and busy and frantic as I am.” It is worse than second hand smoke!

JESUS says, “One thing is needed.” Sitting and listening to Jesus is more important than all the errands, cleaning, and myriad other tasks that are screaming for our attention.

God loves the Marthas. He calls them to rest and peace.